Claim your home

Build anywhere unclaimed on Earth! Use the live map to find an open spot for your town/nation.

Build an empire

Grow your town and consolidate resources to make an empire. Take advantage of the global trade system for a powerful economy.

Battle for power

Assert your dominance by going to war against nearby towns and seize their land!

Watch the world change

The dynamic map updates live!
See town claims, players, and even chat!


Below lists the terms, updated as of Jan 10, 2020.

Full Terms of Service

Users must follow the rules at all times or they risk a potential punishment to their account.

All punishments are handled on a case-by-case basis. Breaking a specific rule may not always result in the same punishment every time. When investigating situations, context is the most important factor. Staff use their own discretion in deciding to punish.

§ A. Chat

§ A1. Users are protected by free speech and may give their positive or negative opinions on users, so long as that opinion is not discrimination or repeated harassment against the user.

§ A2. Users may not share personal details of other users, including real names, locations, emails, phone numbers, or any other information that may be considered personal. Users should also avoid releasing their own information.

§ A3. Users may not send repeated messages of the same (or similar) text, flood chat with meaningless text, use alternate fonts, or excessively capitalize their messages.

§ A4. Users may not be annoying or a nuisance to the chat.

§ B. Content

§ B1. Users may not send illegal content.

§ B2. Users should not link to unreputable, illegal, or sources that may phish other users.

§ B3. Your town name must be accurate to its geographical location. For example, a town in Poland can be named Poland or Krakow (city in Poland).

§ B4. Your builds should be visually appealing. Underground bases/bunkers are not allowed (basements are). Skybases aren't allowed. Bridges across the oceans are not allowed.

§ B5. Users must be careful what kind of builds you create. While we may tolerate creating a concentration camp in Germany, you should intend for it to be a museum and be respectful to victims.

§ B6. Users may not impersonate towns/nations. Your nation tag may not be the same as another nation's tag.

§ C. Promotion & Advertising

§ C1. Users may promote their own content, such as websites, channels, videos, or live streams, as long as it is relavent to the conversation or server and not random advertisement.

§ C2. Users must bear in mind ยง B2 when promoting content.

§ D. Use of Service

§ D1. Users must be at least thirteen (13) years of age to use any of HavanaMC.com's services.

§ D2. Users may not make any kind of threat against the service.

§ D3. Users may not use modifications such as spam bots, hacked clients, XRay, macros or scripts, etc. Acceptable client modifications include OptiFine and Shaders.

§ D4. Users may not abuse glitches, bugs, or exploits. Exploits include abusing a merchant that sells for more than it costs, or entering a safezone such as a town claim to avoid dying to combat log.

§ D5. Users may not prevent themselves from being idle. This includes machines such as afk fishing farms and anti-afk pools.

§ D6. Users may not use alternate accounts. Only use a single account.

§ D7. Users may not "grief" directly outside of claimed towns. This includes block spamming, setting fires, etc. Users may steal loot and break item frames/armorstands, as well as railroads.

§ D8. Users may not use empty towns as free teleportation locations in nations. Users may also not create artificial land as a general means of their town. A 2x2 island is not a suitable town capital.

§ D9. Staff make the final say in rules. If a staff implements a rule in-game or on Discord, you must follow it, even if not mentioned above.